Our Mission

To use data and economics to uncover the consequences of policy decisions and improve society.

Who We Are

Blueprint Labs is a non-partisan research lab based at MIT with affiliates at universities and institutions across the world.

What We Do

Our scholars apply their unique expertise to pressing problems in education, health care, and the workforce. We use cutting-edge research from the fields of market design and research design to produce rigorous evidence that can help decision-makers design and implement social policy.

Market Design

Our market design projects focus on how to efficiently and fairly allocate scarce resources.

Research Design

Our research design projects use advanced statistical methods to measure the impact of interventions or policies.

What We Believe

We believe that rigorous evidence and data are the best foundations for policy and decision-making. The results of our research have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals, widely disseminated in popular media, and used by government organizations to inform policymaking. Our work generates fundamental insights about the nature of social systems and their causal effects, including how to identify and design effective education and labor market interventions.


Policy and Research Staff

Noa Benveniste

Senior Research Fellow

Lisa Desforge

Administrative Officer

Talia Gerstle

Policy and Communications Manager

Ahmet Gulek

Research Associate

Ray Han

Research Associate

Jennifer Jackson

Operations Manager

Nidhaan Jain

Affiliated Research Associate

Austin Lentsch

Policy and Communications Fellow

Kathryn Moffat

Director, Workforce Initiatives

Jim Shen

Research Manager

Erika Treviño Alvarado

Policy and Communications Fellow

Thyra Tuttle

Senior Research Support Associate

Ini Umosen

Research Associate

Hellary Zhang

Senior Research Fellow

Blueprint Alumni

The positions noted below are initial placements upon conclusion of a Blueprint Labs fellowship.

Adrian Blattner

PhD in Economics, Stanford

Kate Bradley

MA in Education, University of Pennsylvania and teaching

Stephanie Cheng

PhD in Economics, Harvard

Caroline Chin

PhD in Economics, MIT

Jimmy Chin

PhD in Economics, University of California Berkeley

Abhishek Dev

PhD in Finance, Yale School of Management

Mayara Felix

PhD in Economics, MIT

Nick Gebbia

PhD in Economics, University of California Berkeley

Ray Han

PhD in Economics, MIT

Kenya Heard

MA in Education, Columbia and teaching

Helen Ho

PhD in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

Tyler Hoppenfeld

PhD in Economics, University of California San Diego

Rebecca Jackson

The Economist

Sookyo Jeong

PhD in Economics, Stanford

Nicolas Jimenez

PhD in Economics, Yale

Ye Ji Kee

PhD in Economics, Stanford

Olivia Kim

PhD in Finance, MIT Sloan School of Management

Anran Li

PhD in Economics, Northwestern

Eli Mogel


Vendela Norman

PhD in Economics, New York University

Chetan Patel

Schmidt Futures

Ignacio Rodriguez

PhD in Economics, Duke

Rahul Singh

PhD in Economics, MIT

Daisy Sun

PhD in Economics, Yale

Julia Turner

PhD, Northwestern School of Education and Social Policy

Bobby Upton

PhD in Economics, MIT

Pepe Velarde

PhD in Operations Research, University of Chicago

Work With Us

Curious about what it's like to work with Blueprint Labs? We're always growing!

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