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At Blueprint Labs, we frequently work with journalists, researchers, and interdisciplinary teams to share our research findings. Reach out if you’d like to get in touch with us about press opportunities.

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Please send us a note if you’re looking to get in touch about press opportunities. At Blueprint Labs, we love to share our research with policy makers, leaders in the field, and other key stakeholders.

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What is the history of Blueprint Labs?

Blueprint Labs was originally founded as the School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative (SEII) in 2011 by MIT Professors Josh Angrist, David Autor, and Parag Pathak. Since then, our research staff and volume has grown from a small handful of people to a thriving network of dozens of scholars, students, staff, and partner organizations. In 2021, SEII relaunched as Blueprint Labs, formally adding Nikhil Agarwal as co-director.

What does Blueprint Labs do?

Blueprint Labs is a non-partisan research lab based at MIT with affiliates at universities and institutions across the world.

Our experts bring unique expertise in economics and data science to study pressing challenges in education, health care, and the workforce. We use cutting-edge research from the fields of market design and research design to produce rigorous evidence that can help decision-makers design and implement social policy.

Where is Blueprint Labs located?

Blueprint Labs is part of the MIT Department of Economics. We are located at 30 Wadsworth St., Building E53-390, Cambridge, MA 02142.

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