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Micaela White

Enrollment Services Manager


Micaela White joined the Highline Public School district family in 2016 and currently serves as the Enrollment Services manager under the Student Support and Family Engagement department. She leads and supervises a small team located in Highline’s Family Center. The enrollment team does more than just support families centrally with accessing online enrollment; they welcome families into the district, help parents navigate the system, and assist families with accessing educational services, placement options, reengagement resources and alternative pathways. Micaela provides guidance to schools, supports reengagement efforts, and interprets enrollment and placement data. She also oversees and manages Highline’s Choice School applications and lottery processes. Micaela is a social worker by education and a family advocate at heart. Her lens as a parent of a young school aged child helps her to feel connected to her work, informs her professional commitment to equitable enrollment policies and fuels her drive to effectively engage families and serve communities. Micaela stands by Highline’s promise to know of every student by name, strength and need, and graduates prepared for the future they choose.

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