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Elizabeth Olstroem

Senior Enrollment and Student Information Analyst


Liz Olstroem works as a Senior Student Information and Enrollment Analyst with Tulsa Public Schools and for three years has coordinated the implementation of Tulsa’s Enroll Tulsa! program, a program coming up in its fifth year, which has empowered thousands of families to make informed decisions about their children’s education. 

At the strong-headed age of 18, she left the hot summers of Oklahoma for the overcast winters of Germany, learning the language and culture as an exchange student, utilizing its convenient location to visit her family in Denmark as often as she could – ask her about her hitch-hiking stories over a beer. Finding the Danish language easier to learn, she moved to Aalborg and majored in Economics, meanwhile dabbling in academia as a research assistant to the Innovation, Knowledge, and Economics Group at Aalborg Business School.  

She returned home with a passion for shaking up the status quo, and found her passion fulfilled in not only leveling the playing field for school options in Tulsa, but establishing efficient, automated processes that streamline enrollment operations and garner resources for the moments that matter – one-on-one family interactions. Her specialty lies in establishing visual analytics that track metrics of district enrollment, operations and especially, Enroll Tulsa!. She has pinpointed insights such as the correlation of student participation in Enroll Tulsa! with increased student persistence within the district – posing the question: Does having a choice give you more reason to stay? 

Knowing that a great process takes time and teamwork, she is geared towards slow and steady improvements for the objectives: Simple and clear family communications concerning deadlines, document requirements and transfer policies; a streamlined document-review experience for criteria programs; eradicated unequitable mechanisms for school offers.  

In her free time, you can catch her going on long walks, reading Brandon Sanderson novels, or pulling weeds in her backyard – since she decided to turn it into a wildflower meadow.

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