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Damyionne Brown

EnrollBR Manager


Damyionne Brown joined the New Schools for Baton Rouge Team in November 2022. She is a New Orleans native who loves food and culture. As EnrollBR Manager, she oversees EnrollBR and is committed to ensuring that every child in Baton Rouge can access an excellent education. Prior to joining NSBR, Damyionne taught first grade for 10 years at Louisiana Key Academy, a charter school for students with dyslexia. Damyionne’s three pillars are children, education, and community. Damyionne is an expert in communication with a passion for education. She understands the value of bridging the gap between community and knowledge to help bring quality education to Baton Rouge families. When Damyionne is not changing the world one child at a time, she enjoys working on her children’s book series, “The Aida Brown Series”. The series currently has two published books, with one on the way.

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