MIT News

David Autor named NOMIS 2023 Distinguished Scientist

A new MIT News article covers the NOMIS recognition of David Autor, Co-Director of Blueprint Labs. His exceptional research and ongoing efforts have earned him one of the two prestigious NOMIS Distinguished Scientist awards, given to researchers who have made remarkable contributions to their fields and continue to inspire others. In particular, professor Autor was recognized for his contributions in understanding the impact of technological advancements and globalization on employment and earning opportunities for workers.

As a NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar, Professor Autor will lead the NOMIS Foundation’s Expertise project, which aims to address the role of emerging technologies, such as generative AI, in either complementing or commodifying expertise.

Blueprint Director Josh Angrist shared, “David’s labor market research has produced unparalleled insights into how our world works.” David Autor will receive his award at a ceremony this fall in Zurich, Switzerland.